Have you ever considered going trekking in Europe? It’s an extraordinary opportunity to explore stunning areas, experience new cultures, and find peaceful moments in the mountains. One of the real joys of trekking in the Alps is the fair weather and mountain huts, which allow us to spend multiple days trekking with only light rucksacks and a pair of approach shoes. These weeks are run in conjunction with Rob Johnson at Expedition Guides, who takes care of all the bookings. You can find all the details and links to book each trip below. We can’t wait for you to join us on these incredible adventures!

Walkers Haute Route - Week 1

The Walkers Haute Route needs little introduction a classic long distance walk through Switzerland finishing at the foot of the Matterhorn in Zermat.

We have tweaked our approach to make the journey as fun and accessible as possible. We split the trip into two weeks with a weekend off in the middle so you can join us for two weeks and have a rest half way OR do a week one year and then the next a year after.

For week 1 we travel from Verbier to Grimentz over 5 days staying in a mountain hut for 1 night and valley hotels the other nights.

Walkers Haute Route - Week 2

Week 2 of our Walkers Haute Route takes us from the French speaking part of Switzerland into the German speaking Valleys. 

A varied week of remote valleys, high mountain cols and breath taking views as with each step we get closer to Zermat and the might Matterhorn, Switzerlands most iconic mountain.

We start this week in Grmintez in the Val d’Anniviers and over 5 days staying in Mountain Huts and valley hotels will end up in Mattertal Valley at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Trekking of the Jungfrau

Surely one of the most stunning parts of Switzerland, and that is saying something!

Join us for a weeks trekking that offers views of 4000m giants, the world renowned Lauterbrunen Valley and the famous Eiger Trail.

Swiss 3000m Summits Week

A week trekking 3000m meter summits around the world famous Matterhorn, in the Zermatt valley as well as the quieter but equally as beautiful Val d’Anniviers and St Luc.

We spend the week climbing 3000m trekking summits with no technical ground or skills needed, staying in mountain huts to get the full alpine experience.