Kit lists

It's important to have the right kit with you and below we've listed the kit you will require for our summer and winter courses respectively. If there is anything on the list below that you do not have or are unsure about please don’t hesitate to call us as we can often supply specific items. If you inted on buying new equipment for your course and would like some advice, please get in touch.


Summer Kit List


Map and compass
We use different scales of maps throughout our courses, but ask you to bring an OS 1:50 000 of the area we will be walking or climbing in. A good quality compass is also needed; my personal choice is a Silva Expedition 4.

Map case
Important to keep your map in a readable condition. There are a lot of cheap ones available, however they tend to be a stiff type plastic and often crack and leak when folded, especially in cold weather. I recommend an Ortlieb, although slightly more expensive they remain waterproof, are easy to fold and last well.

Good quality waterproofs to help keep you comfortable in the occasional Scottish rain. For summer walking courses lightweight ones are fine, although for our summer climbing and winter walking courses more heavy duty ones are preferred as they are warmer and more durable. The trousers should be able to go on over your boots.

Hat and gloves
Waterproof gloves that you can wear and still let you use your hands without having to take them off and on are a good investment. Even in summer a warm hat is needed. For our scrambling, climbing, Summer ML refresher and winter courses you should make sure that it can be worn beneath your helmet.

Spare clothing
A spare fleece, hat and gloves. For our winter courses we also recommend a warm “belay type” synthetic filled jacket, as down filled jackets are not ideally suited to the damp Scottish climate.

Lots to choose from, whatever make and model you have they should be tried and tested – not straight out of the box! For our winter courses they should be compatible with your crampons.

Helmet, harness and climbing gear and rock shoes
We supply all technical equipment for our climbing and scrambling courses. We have a range of makes and models for you to use and play with before deciding on what to buy for your own rack. However you are encouraged to bring along any of your own gear if you have it. We do not supply rock climbing shoes.

First aid kit and whistle
A small personal first kit for blisters and any personal medication is all you need to bring. We will supply a more comprehensive group kit.

Orange survival bag
We encourage you to have one of these living in the bottom of your rucksack.

Headtorch and spare batteries
This should be able to provide a beam of light and not just the “glow” that is useful in map reading. Black Diamond and Petzl are 2 manufacturers that have a selection of good models.


Sunglasses and suncream
We can’t guarantee that we’ll use these everyday…but we can live in hope!

Water bottle
Depending on the individual a bottle or water bladder from 1.5ltr - 3 ltr should see you through a day on the hill.

Walking poles
Although not necessary, these can considerably reduce the stress on your legs on a long day on the hill.

Group shelter
This is supplied by us.




Winter Kit List


Your winter kit should comprise all of the above with the following additional items:


Ice axe

A general mountaineering axe with a removable leash.


Crampons that are compatible with your boots.

Ski goggles

An essential piece of kit in winter.

Additional warm clothing

An essential piece of kit in winter.



Summer Mountain Leader Kit List


Download our Summer Mountain Leader Checklist here.