Come and learn some Winter Skills for walking, mountaineering and climbing with us. Winter in the Mountains and on the Crags of Scotland is arguably when they truly come into their own, there are few other areas in the world that will give you the same experience both magical and challenging at the same time. We are blessed with such a range of scenery and mountain environments to explore. So if you fancying learning some new skills, visiting some of the most beautiful scenery in the world or challenging yourself on some technical ground get in touch. We base our courses in the Northern Cairngorms from Aviemore as this gives us quick access to a great training and coaching environments. However we can also run a course for you elsewhere if you would like to access the grand peaks of Lochaber, the incomparable rock ridges of Skye or the giants of Torridon.

Often referred to as Winter Skills, walking in the mountains during winter needs some new skills compared with summer walking. So if you fancy moving from summer walking to tackle some winter hills this is the course for you.

We will look at use of crampons and ice axe, planning a winter days including avalanche awareness and winter navigation

This course bridges the gap between winter walking and getting into steeper more technical ground. These skills are often needed to access many of Scotland Munros in winter as well as opening up many more exciting days out.

During the course we will teach you the skills you need to access steeper ground, rock ridges and great gully’s.

This course will suit you if you have some winter walking experience and/or summer climbing experience. We will take you onto winter climbing routes int he grade 1-3 range and teach you the skills needed to be a competent and safe winter climber.

During the course we will look to cover movement skills with ice axes and crampons, technical climbing rope work, avalanche awareness, use of guidebook and interpetingingwinter conditions.

Each winter a number of people are caught in the very real hazard of avalanches in Scotland. Anyone heading out in the winter mountains should have a good understanding of the avalanche hazard, the Be Avalanche Aware process, how to make good route choices in avalanche terrain and how to spot the warning signs.

The above is what we will cover in this practical course.