Becoming a Mountain Leader summer or winter allows you to work in and introduce other to the Mountains and Crags of the UK, it is an amazing job full of challenge and reward. The environment is often remote, technical and exposed to the variable UK weather! This makes them a challenging place for novices and so the role of any leader, instructor or coach is a challenging one.

We are a hugely experienced provider of the Summer and Winter Mountain Leader Awards, with all our trainers and assessors not only being experienced in delivering the courses but experienced and current in working as Mountain Leaders in all sessions, allowing us empathy and an understanding of the job.

Summer Mountain Leader

If you love being out in the Mountains of the UK and Ireland and want to introduce others to the Mountain, Hill and Moorland environment then come and do your Mountain Leader Award.

ML’s working the length and breadth of the UK and can work with a wide range of clients from School Children participating in DofE to Adult wanting to explore the challenging Munro’s of Scotland.

Winter Mountain Leader

If you have completed your Summer Mountain Leader and want to work year round in the Mountains of UK and Ireland then the Winter ML is for you!

The Scottish Mountains in Winter create a unique challenge and the Winter ML will develop both your personal and leadership skills in this tough environment.

Mentoring and Support

Going through any process of training and assessment can be daunting and intimidating. We want to do our best to take those feelings away and make the journey as rewarding as possible for you.

SOTRG offers assessment preparation courses, goal setting & action planning sessions and mentoring for all the awards we deliver and work on.

Lowland Leader

With a 2 day training and 2 day assessment the Lowland Leader is a really accessible award to gain and a great way to get on the road to leading others in the outdoors.

The award works brilliantly for Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions, Walking Groups as well as School and Field Trips.

Indoor Climbing Assistant

You don’t need to be a climber to help out with you local climbing group, Kids club or PE lessons.

The Indoor Climbing Assistant allows you to work alongside a qualified climbing instructor to support the sessions and allow more participation.

Proud to deliver the awards for Mountain Training Scotland the governing body for walking and climbing qualifications in Scotland. Click here for more information about Mountain Training Scotland

The governing body of all walking and climbing course in Scotland