Passing a qualification assessment is not the end but the start of the experience of working in the outdoors, for many instructors and coaches the process of development should never stop, there is always something to learn and develop to make us better at our jobs. All the Scotch on the Rocks instructors are not only active in the awards they deliver but also seek out ways to develop themselves and learn from others.

We also offer a range of Mentoring and Development courses that you can see on the below pages. If the below does not look like what you are after then get in touch we may be able to put something on for you or if not can out you in touch with someone who can help you.

Heading through any of the Mountain Training qualification can be challenging especially if you don’t know people who already do the job. We provide mentoring for all the awards that focuses not only on passing an assessment but on setting you up for a lifetime of working in the mountains and on the crags.

Want to get the most out of your Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Training, need help developing your skills to fill the registration requirements or just want to know what the work is like as a career? This workshop looks at all of those topics and is delivered by instructors who work on the training and assessment courses for Glenmore Lodge as well as being active Mountaineering and Climbing Instructors. 

Coaching others in the dynamic and consequential mountain environment can be a challenge. This workshop looks at some of the theories within coaching (Ecological Psychology, Dynamical Systems Theory, Perception and Action Coupling, Constraints Led approach) and applies them to the mountains in a real world context.

The Mountain Leader award focuses on leadership as the primary role of the award holder, however you will often find yourself teaching clients about all sorts of subjects. This workshop focuses on this with a focus on the environment and will equip you with a number of different client centred and interactive ways to help bring the environment alive for your clients