The Winter ML is a highly respected award and rightly so, the holders of the award have put in many many days of time honing their skills in the harsh winter environment that Scotland offers. It is also the gate way to working year around in the mountains of the Scotland, Wales and England. Scotch on the Rocks Guiding offer a full progression for those interested in becoming a Winter ML, this progression is based on many years and literally thousands of days spent in the mountains doing the job of a Winter ML with a range of clients. If you have any questions that are not answered below then please get in touch, we love chatting to people about their Winter Mountain Leader journey or just about the mountains!

For more information on the award & to register head over to the Mountain Training Page here

Don’t know if the Winter Mountain Leader is for you, want to up skill before coming on the training course? Then this course if for you. 

Whilst the training is just that a training course, it is a training course for leaders and you will certainly gain more from it if you personal skills are at a certain level.

A six day training course delivered in the Northern Cairngorms which gives us a perfect mix of terrain for all aspects of the syllabus.

Candidates needs to have registered with Mountain Training Scotland, have gained 20 Quality Mountain Days and then had their logbook signed off by Mountain Training Scotland before attending the training course.

The 6 day training course covers a lot and it is only natural that you might have missed bits, or it might be that you did your training a number of years ago and then life got in the way.

This 2 days course is designed for you to get some top tips, fine tuning of skills or a MOT check on your current standard.

Always delivered by current  trainers and assessors so you know you are getting the best possible advice.

The course all the hard work, all the snow holing trips and days in the mountains in poor weather has been for.

Delivered as a 5 day course and based from the Northern Cairngorms.

Our job is to create an environment to get the very best out of every candidate, something that we take pride in doing.