Walker to Scrambler

Scrambling is that wonderful mix of the joy of being high in the mountains with the technical challenge of easy climbing. Moving through scrambling terrain smoothly and safely gives an amazing sense of achievement as well as opening up some many more fun days out on the mountains. On this course we will equip you with the skills to start your scrambling journey safely. 

Learn to Lead Scrambling

As you start to journey onto harder scrambles or you want to head out when perhaps the weather is not perfect having the equipment and skills to look after yourself is vital. This course is all about giving you the rope work skills to protect both yourself and your partner on the harder scrambles and when you might have to retreat.

Lochaber Classics

Glen Coe and Lochaber have some amazing scrambling objectives, Aonach Eagach, Curved Ridge, Castle Ridge and Tower Ridge to name a few. During this course we will split our time between guiding you along some of the classics and teaching you the skills to do it on your own in the future.